Combining custom or even off of the shelf merchandise, print, packaging, theme, and distribution can have a powerful impact on your next marketing project and deliver maximum results. Let us put together a creative program that will give you measurable results. Since it is all custom we can do it as you wish. This enables us to bring your branding message to your client or prospect in a way that not only highlights your company or organization but will make it stand out above the rest. We can even do VDP (Variable Data Printing) printing which will market to your contact by name or organization. This helps even more to get them engaged with the piece. Another way that we can help sell your message is by using a PURL (Persistant uniform resource locator) web page. Which can act like VDP because it can be designed to each recipient. This can also help to gain information for follow up because you know everything about that visit to the PURL. Not to mention giving us the ability to measure the results of that piece. Please remeber that all of these are customized to you so the world is your oyster! Hear are some ways we could go.


Chunky Mail

Chunky mail can either be an envelope or a post card. This type of mail is meant to either show the recipient what they are getting up front on a post card or to build intrigue with an item in an envelope that does not allow it to be flat. All of these are retail prices. So let me know which pieces you like to get your price on them. We also have marketing pieces that will increase web traffic by having a game piece built into the mailer as well as mailers that are oddly shaped once again to build intrigue and ensuring that the piece is opened and looked at. These pieces are normally a lower cost than the other forms shown here allowing them to be sent to more recipients.


Gift Packaging

Gift Packaging is generally used for VIP or high-level clients. Packaging like this can also be used to get in front of a high-level client. These can either be empty boxes or have cardboard or foam cutouts to not only protect the item inside but to bring a much higher level of space perceived value to the recipient. If using this item as a marketing piece you would want to add print and take advantage of VDP printing and possibly a PURL if a web component would help your marketing message.


Press Kit

Press Kits are a great way to get assure that your press release is seen, read. And released to your local and industry press organizations. You can add any form of media in these kits as you wish from print, DVD, to flash drive or a gift that would highlight your press release. If you would rather not use a box we could do either a custom journal, or a binder that will work nicely also.

Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging can be used like all other types of packaging but this has the added value of being used to store items on a shelf. Not only is it easy for the recipient to use but gives you a much higher amount of impressions over the life of the item. The shelf life on items like these is extremely all long because of the usability component.


Product Release

Product release packaging can be used like a press kit while also giving you the ability to have fitted foam or cardboard cut outs to hold either a product or likeness in place. This gives the wow factor right up front and ensures that it will be opened. Once again when using packaging like this you want to include printed pieces that would take advantage of VDP printing and PURL’s to use a web component.

Marketing kits

Marketing kits ensure that your message is heard by the intended recipient.  Just imagine this coming across your desk. Wouldn't you give it a good solid look over? As a marketer this is what you want. You want to ensure that your message is being convey to the person that you are marketing to. This and any of the items shown here will give you that feeling of security that. Also how much easier is it for you or your sales staff to follow up on this type of marketing piece?

Wrapping, ribbons, and bows

We have all of your custom wrapping, ribbon and bows need available in your colors with your logo on them all. This is a great way to put that finishing touch on virtually any marketing piece.

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