The Brand 1 Promotions story started in June of 1987 at a Memorial Day Party held on Lackland Air Force Base where Michelle and Steve met while going through Air Force basic training. After a long courtship of 6 or so weeks they were married in July of 1987. Everyone told them that it would not last because they just did not know each other long enough to make it work. Steve and Michelle are pleased, this many years later, to still be proving them wrong.

They started their family at Ellsworth Air Force Base just outside of Rapid City, South Dakota, which was their permanent duty station from January of 1988 until January of 1994. They have four grown (Dawn, Steven, Matthew, and Samuel) children as well as a grandchild named Peyton.

After getting out of the Air Force, they moved to the Northeast part of Indiana. Where you will see plenty of corn and soybeans being grown that supply the rest of the world with this much-needed produce. Home gardens are plentiful and it is not uncommon to hear someone in the summer and fall talking about what they are canning this weekend. This is also true of Steve and Michelle, they love to can on the weekends.

The school that Matthew and Samuel went to even has a "bring your tractor to school day" every year. The heartland is a great place to live and work! Michelle and Steve personally believe that the people from this part of the world are very hard working and are amazing to be around.

You are probably wondering how that fits into what makes Brand One different. As a family run business, the belief is that good strong relationships are paramount, and are based in mutual trust and honesty with the understanding that everyone should give and take from that relationship.

Also Brand One believes that any relationship (family, romantic, or business relationship) must be a two way street. It has to be good for both parties and if it is not good for both parties then the long-term success of that relationship is in danger of failure. They also understand that relationships are not always a fifty/fifty proposition most of the time, but that the give and take of those relationships is what makes them strong. 

Brand One treats their clients, as they would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. 







Our President is Michelle Kennedy, originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she lived until she joined the United States Air Force. Michelle has been recognized/awarded as Airman/NCO for the quarter and year, and was awarded as the outstanding 902 (Medical Technician) of the Quarter and Year. Before she left the USAF she attained the designation of a Non-Commissioned officer.

Michelle has recently completed her dream since the age of 5 by graduating from nursing school, where she will practice several days per week. She is hoping to get more experience so that she can go on medical mission trips to serve those who are in need of help. Steve was disappointed to find out that being married to him was not her lifelong dream.

She has been the President of Brand 1 Promotions since its inception in August of 2005. Michelle has been involved in the industry in one capacity or another since 2002. She has a unique way of looking at situations and sees things that others might miss. Brand 1 Promotions is blessed to have her as its leader.

Michelle's Hobbies include: Being an amazing Wife, Mother, and Grandmother, Coffee, Working in the yard and garden, cooking/canning, baking, sewing, reading, and learning. Michelle plans to start school again in the fall of 2015 to attain her BSN followed by her Doctorate/MSN to be a Nurse practitioner by 2017. 




General Manager Steve Kennedy is also a former member of United States Air Force and attained the designation of Non-Commissioned officer. He has been in Sales, Marketing, or Public Relations for most of his work life.

When Steve was a child, his parents owned a print shop and later his Mother owned a Marketing Agency and his Father has been in marketing for the building industry since Steve can remember. Marketing is in his blood. He has a great eye for color and balance. This is very helpful to his clients because he can see this even before starting to develop a product, campaign or marketing piece. His understanding of how they work together for the good of the project helps to save our clients' valuable resources.

Steve also has an amazing ability to do custom pieces for his clients. This sets not only his clients apart but himself from the rest of the industry. This is a special skill because of all of the ins and outs from the concept stage to delivery of a 100% custom piece. He is also a student of the creative mind and loves to learn from the creativity of others that is not just in the marketing industry.

Steve’s Hobbies include: Anything that includes spending time with Michelle and their family, cooking/canning, movies (which is research to him), marketing, cruises/travel, watching, almost any kind of music, learning from other creativity, and technology.





Account Manager Matthew Kennedy is the number three child of Steve and Michelle and like his father has been exposed to marketing since he can remember. He is a very creative and talented man with a great eye for what will and will not work.

Since he was a young man he has been taught that creativity is a resource, which needs to be exercised, and used daily. He does not think inside the box, yet he looks to do things that are not tired from over use and will work to get attention to our clients.

We are very excited to see Matthew grow in this field. Steve has been heard on many occasions saying that “Matthew’s basic skill set is amazing!” He has already shown early in his career what he can do to help his clients reach beyond the expected goals for projects.

Matthew's Hobbies include: Playing Ultimate Frisbee, music, spending time with friends, watching soccer/football.





Creative director Cliff Quicksell joined iPROMOTEu as the exclusive Sales and Marketing Consultant. He has been involved in the promotional products and sportswear industries for over three decades.

Cliff is the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades including 17 PPAI Pyramid award wins and recognition as PPAI’s Ambassador Speaker of the Year for six consecutive years. He was also recognized by PPAI as one of the top five industry speakers and trainers and by Counselor Magazine as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in the Promotional Products Industry.

He has published over 500 articles and two books: Going for the Gold and Weekly Motivational Insights. Cliff is also currently the President & CEO of Cliff Quicksell & Associates. He studied Marketing & Business Communications at the University of Maryland College Park.




Print Director Bob Schwei joined iPROMOTEu in July 2011 as the expert Print & Packaging Consultant. His responsibilities include overseeing iPROMOTEu's recruiting activities and managing the print and packaging division of the business.

Prior to joining iPROMOTEu, he owned and operated his own print and promotional products company with an emphasis on print and packaging.  He comes from the manufacturing side of the print industry where he worked for a commercial offset printer as a Business Development Manager.

Bob graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Printing Management. 



When Brand 1 Promotions started in 2005 Michelle and Steve had worked with iPROMOTEu for several years while working for another company. The role of iPROMOTEu is a behind the scenes administrative relationship. They do many of the tasks that would take away from time working on projects with clients. This also saves on the expense of hiring full time employees which allows Brand One to keep their expenses lower and pass those savings onto their clients.

Another benefit to the Brand One clients from this relationship with iPROMOTEu is that they negotiate with many vendors that Brand One would not normally have the time or ability to negotiate with. This allows for much better service and pricing to the clients. iPROMOTEu also has financing in place that allows for Brand One to move quickly on virtually any client project.

For these reasons, it is a natural fit to work with them as a partner. The staff from iPROMOTEu is as follows:


  • Graphic Artist
  • Vendor Relations
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoicing specialist
  • Project Follow-up specialist



Brand 1 Promotions is pleased to be able to serve you in most areas of marketing. If we believe that we cannot handle a project then we will be glad to put you in touch with someone that we know with 100% certainty can help you to move forward with your needs. Below are just a handful of our capabilities.


  • E-Stores
  • Logo design
  • Multi-media services
  • One to One marketing
  • B to B marketing
  • B to C marketing
  • C level marketing
  • Fulfillment services
  • Print services and management
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging solutions
  • Incentive programs
  • Recognition programs
  • Service award programs
  • Employee programs
  • Uniform programs
  • Silk screening
  • Embroidery
  • Trade show needs


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